All Things Drone Racing

The Mission of Drone Blur
Written by Andrei Burlacu

Throughout history it has become apparent that every mode of transportation, once mainstream, will be raced. From the days of the horse and buggy racing, to modern era race machines, all of them were derived from a basic means of transport.
In today’s world, drones are becoming more and more popular, quickly taking over delivery, cinematography and even military and medical purposes. With this ever expanding world of drones around us, we have made it our goal to make drone racing popular.

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Starting off, we will be hosting races and events from underground parking lot courses to open air freestyle sessions, but we will continuously build and innovate until we reach our dream: Online Live Streaming of done races complete with multiple points of view, head up displays as well as integrated betting with crypto currencies.
We want to create a world where innovative products are brought together and expanded in a friendly and open community on the leading edge of technology.